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Self-funding Treatments
Private Medical Treatments in Worthing, Brighton & Hove

NHS Treatments

We can also offer consultations and skin surgery on the NHS for some medical (non-cosmetic) skin conditions.

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We offer a vast range of dermatological treatments and skin surgery from our specialist skin clinics in Worthing, Hove and Brighton.

We welcome self-funding patients at all three clinics, and patients with private medical insurance can see one of our Consultant Dermatologists at either the Worthing Laser & Skin Clinic or Hove Skin Clinic.



Only the most experienced and qualified Consultants

For many patients, immediate access to expert Dermatological Consultants and Aesthetics Practitioners brings comfort and security at perhaps a difficult time. Our self funding facilities mean that you can have almost instantaneous access to the country’s most experienced Consultants without the need for a GP referral and waiting for a scheduled appointment. Dr. Emerson and his fellow Consultants can be seen quickly to diagnose a huge breadth of skin problems from skin lesions to acne, to the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer. In fact our Consultants can diagnose over 2000 skin problems and are leading figures internationally within the Dermatology community.

Our Consultants are also highly skilled skin surgeons and will endeavour to perform minor skin operations at your initial consultation to save patients from repeated trips and un-necessary worry.

Aesthetic and Cosmetic Procedures

Our Consultant Dermatologist and Aesthetic Practitioners perform many procedures each year and our patients are extremely happy with the results. With a rise in establishments and individuals able to perform cosmetic procedures (such as Botox, Dermal Fillers and Laser Treatments) it can be difficult to know that these people are qualified to do so and have the relevant experience.

At the Hove Skin Clinic and Worthing Laser & Skin Clinic our Consultant Dermatologists take the lead in our cosmetic procedures so you know you are in the hands of medically qualified Consultant Dermatologists. This is why for many years our patients have been returning to our clinics for our expertise. Our clinical team will always ensure our self funding patients receive exceptional standards and at a price that is obtainable.

Not on the NHS

Increasingly, people are discovering that skin procedures they thought would be covered by the NHS are not. Examples of treatments not covered by the NHS include the removal of warts and some moles, leg veins and the treatment of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). Patients will not be referred by their GP’s for any of these conditions or treatments. At the Worthing Laser & Skin Clinic and Hove Skin Clinic we provide affordable, self funding treatments for these very types of conditions so people feel that they finally have a choice. You will be seen at short notice and can be sure that the Consultants you see are experts in their field.

Mole scanning is an incredible resource for those wanting reassurance about sun damage, but sadly it is not available on the NHS. Mole Scanning could bring peace of mind to many people concerned about the condition of their skin. At our clinics we provide this valuable resource. We are one of only a small number in the country that do so, thus enabling thousands of people access to this advanced technology.