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How to Book

To book a Private Appointment at Worthing Skin Clinic, Hove Skin Clinic or Brighton Laser and Skin Clinic please call our team on 01273 719834.

Our highly experienced administrative staff are always available to speak with. However, if you prefer then you can simply send us an email. We monitor our emails throughout the day so we will always reply promptly.

You can also pop into one of our clinics and book an appointment face to face.

If you are receiving your treatment through Private Insurance then please ensure you bring your policy number and authorisation with you on the day (see below).

Appointments can often be made for the following day when self funding your treatments, so it is an excellent option for those that would like to see a consultant as quickly as possible.

All our bookings are made with complete confidentiality and patient information held securely and handled correctly.

We can generaly invoice your insurance company directly for consultations and skin surgery. We advise that you keep your insurance company fully informed about appointments at the clinic.

Fees charged for insured patients vary according to individual insurance companies and depend on procedure codes developed by the private medical insurance industry (BUPA scheduled codes). Two invoices will generally be sent for patients having skin surgery. These relate to a professional fee charged by the consultant (consultation fee and a surgical fee) and a separate ‘package fee’ charged by the clinic for use of equipment, facilties, consumables, nurse assistance and histopathology. The clinic ‘package fee’ is billed according to the category (minor, intermediate and major) and is pre-agreed with your insurance company based on the BUPA scheduled code. All fees charged by the clinic are highly competitive compared to local private hospitals. Many patients are surprised by the level of fees charged and this simply reflects the high costs associated with running a healthcare business, compliance with regulatory standards, and insurance premiums payable.

Health insurance works like any other insurance cover and choosing a policy with limited cover may leave a shortfall. It the event of non-payment of any fees, patients are responsible for any outstanding amounts due. Some companies (especially AXA PPPHealthcare) will only authorise treatment after completion of a claim form. Whilst we can often offer patients treatment on the same day as their consultation, it may be necessary to delay treatment until authorisation is obtained. This ensures that you are fully covered for your treatment and helps avoid any unexpected shortfalls.